Brook + Wilde Mattress Review

A recent decision to replace my old mattress led to several hours of scanning the internet and browsing almost every mattress website out there! 

There are a lot of them to choose from, who knew that with the advent of ‘bed in a box’, that the mattress market had become so competitive. The choice is overwhelming but having an idea of what you want is half the battle. I knew that I was after one of the newer hybrid mattresses, a combination of the foam style and traditional spring mattress. 

From everything I had researched I had determined that this style of mattress would be the one that would suit my needs best. The traditional spring style mattresses seem a little outdated as mattress design has improved dramatically over the past decade, and the full foam or Tempurpedic mattresses don’t work well for me. So a hybrid mattress was the logical choice. 

So began many hours of research into various mattress manufacturers like Emma, Leesa, Ghostbed, Simba, and several others. It was a bit of a laborious process but eventually, the field began to narrow down into suitable options, but I still wasn’t convinced. It was then I stumbled across a review that mentioned the Brook and Wilde mattress. Having not heard of the brand before I decided to investigate further. 

Brook+ Wilde website

My first impression of the Brook+Wilde website is that it was nicely laid out and easy to navigate. To simplify matters even further there are only 3 mattresses to select from. The Lux, The Elite, and the Ultima. Each one a combination of components and different layers to create a line of well-constructed hybrid mattresses.

One of the things that instantly caught my eye was that each mattress could be ordered in soft medium or firm, and the Elite and Ultima, is available as an extra firm option. As I am a larger person (6’2’) and I have had the odd backache in my life, a firm mattress was a must. One of the biggest concerns I had when looking at several other manufacturers was the firmness level of the mattresses on offer. 

The fact that the Brook + Wilde range was came in a range of firmness was a definite plus for me. They also have a range of sizes from single to super king, and included in the price is free delivery to your home.

After a readthrough and a bit of further research, I opted for a firm king-size Elite mattress – the mid-range offering in Brook+Wilde’s mattress line. This seemed to have adequate layers of foam, a large number of springs, and the support that I felt was needed. Now, I must point out here that the Brook+Wilde range is not the cheapest option available, it is a higher-end product to be sure. That said, I am a big believer in ‘you get what you pay for’ and as a third of the day is spent sleeping and mattresses last for many years, it seemed like a worthwhile investment. 

Even so, the mattress was still on the expensive side but as I happened to be looking around the time of Black Friday sales I managed to find a discount deal online which I could combine with Brook + Wilde’s own Black Friday offer. This provided me with a very respectable 30% reduction on the total price. With that deal in hand, there was nothing more to be decided and the order was placed and payment made via the Brook+Wilde website. A couple of selections were required to specify size and firmness, and to confirm the delivery address, then it was done. 

Delivery Day 

Within a week the mattress was scheduled for delivery and I received a text notification to alert me of the date and approximate time. I also received a phone call confirming the same information. The mattress was brought to the house by two delivery guys and left on the doorstep – like a genius I had purchased in the middle of the COVID19 lockdown so they were not allowed to enter the property. 

Under normal circumstances, the mattress will be delivered to a room of your choice, according to the website, but not today. No matter, the mattress was packaged in a large box so it was quite easy to manoeuvre.  With the help of my other half, we got it upstairs in just a couple of minutes without too much fuss.

The mattress, once unpacked from the outer box, was wrapped in thick, heat-sealed, durable plastic and came with a friendly instruction booklet detailing the use and care of your mattress. On removal of the plastic, it was recommended to leave the mattress for a minimum of 4 hours to allow it to decompress properly. It is wrapped so tight that the mattress is squeezed down to the minimum possible thickness.

Once unwrapped, the mattress immediately unfurled and almost instantly began to rise and regain its intended shape and form. Within an hour it was feeling pretty solid and supportive but I left it for the recommended time to be completely sure it had fully reached maximum ‘inflation’. It is quite impressive to watch the speed that the mattress springs back to its original form.

First impression of the mattress was that it looked like a quality product, sturdy and well made. Fabrics used look and feel like nice materials, giving the sense of a luxury item. The mattress is divided laterally into 2 horizontal layers of separate colour. White on the top, and silver/grey on the bottom with a cyan blue border running around the perimeter of the entire mattress as a finish where the 2 halves meet. 

As a side note, many people do not like the foam used in these styles of mattresses due to the chemical smell released. While there was a definite odour emanating from the un-boxed mattress it wasn’t overpowering, and leaving the windows open for a couple of hours helped to dramatically reduce the effects. After the first night, it was barely noticeable, and non-existent after a couple of nights.

Mattress Construction

The Elite mattress is constructed of 8 individual layers and 2500 pocket springs. Along with the impressive number of springs the layers include a memory foam protector, a thermo-regulating top layer, and an additional 1000 mini springs for extra support. 

Brook+Wilde mattresses incorporate ‘wave technology’ which is a layer of support form with added depth and density on the upper part of the mattress. This is designed to give additional support to the shoulders and other key pressure points, and aid with spinal alignment. 

This unique combination of layers gives the mattress a 28cm depth, a bit deeper than the standard size. Although it is quite solid the mattress is not difficult to move, and it turns and slides easily over the bed base by using the attached side handles.

A thermo-regulating layer employs open-cell technology with soybean oil and a soothing balm blend. The high amount of micro air pockets in the foam allow for improved evaporation rates meaning that you remain cooler for longer.  

The top layer of the mattress is covered by a white removable, washable cover that is embossed with a honeycomb pattern, and the silver/grey base is solid and non-slip. As an alternative to the traditional foam base this mattress employs a layer of pocket springs for improved support and comfort.

Designed to be aesthetically pleasing the overall effect appears very cool and modern, as far as mattresses go, and is finished off with an embroidered Brook+Wilde logo at the foot end. 

First nights sleep

Now we were ready for the big test. Brook+Wilde promises a good night’s sleep and claims to be the best there is, so it was time to see if their statements held true. The bed was made in the usual fashion and pillows arranged. It is probably worth mentioning that as the mattress is a little deeper than normal it may require purchasing some larger pocketed sheets to suitably accommodate the extra depth.

As soon as I laid on the bed I was surprised to find how soft yet so very supportive it felt. Whatever money Brook+Wilde’s R&D department has invested in creating a quality product has been well spent. You can literally feel that this is a higher-end product as soon as you lie on it. The wave technology did its job admirably and there was most definitely a feel of gentle but solid support at the shoulders, hips, and legs. 

As the top layer of the mattress uses foam layers this helps to minimise roll and movement transfer meaning a less disturbed or interrupted sleep for you and your partner. The way that the mattress is built virtually eliminates ‘roll together’ resulting in fewer sleep disturbances caused by movement transfer.

At first, it almost seemed strange to lie on a bed that keeps your body so level. My old mattress had seen better days and I had become used to the dips and dents that the body sank into. It didn’t take long for the feeling to pass and I appreciated how good the support felt from the new Brook + Wilde Elite mattress. 

In addition, the temperature regulating layer seemed to do its job as the mattress did not seem to be excessively hot. One of the issues with full-foam mattresses is that the airflow is restricted leading to overheating. Not so with a hybrid mattress, the air can flow better through the springs and help to prevent temperature increase.

I fully expected that the first night on a new mattress would have me turning and fidgeting while I tried to get to sleep, but that was not the case. I can wholeheartedly confirm that the Brook +Wilde Elite mattress provided a great first night’s sleep. There seemed to be no noticeable period of getting used to the new purchase at all. Falling asleep, and staying asleep, was not an issue in the slightest.

Points to consider

Even though I am a larger person that prefers a firm, supportive mattress, I was glad that I didn’t opt for the ‘Extra Firm’ choice as I suspect that it may have been a touch too firm. Each to their own, but it just felt to me like that would be a bit too solid for truly restful sleep.

If you are unsure about mattress firmness, Brook+Wilde offers a 100-night comfort trial which gives the opportunity to test their mattresses for an extended period. If you find that the mattress you selected is not to your taste, then it can be exchanged for one of a different comfort level, or you can request a full refund from the company.

Should you and your partner be in complete disagreement about the firmness level you prefer, Brook+Wilde have solved that problem for you. You can opt for a specially designed, made to order Duo mattress that can be constructed with different firmness on each side. So if your partner likes a soft mattress but you prefer firm, it can be constructed with both comfort levels for you. 

So confident are Brook+Wilde in their range of products that all of their mattresses come with a substantial 10-year guarantee. This protects the consumer from design and construction issues like faulty materials or poor workmanship. After an inspection of the mattress faults, Brook+Wilde will repair or replace the mattress free of charge. 

Why should you buy it?

Given that this mattress is on the upper end of the scale for online ‘bed in a box’ companies, why should you consider purchasing it? It is more than double the price of some well-known competitors and there are plenty of them to select from. But for those in the market to replace their existing mattress, there are some clear benefits to choosing Brook+Wilde.

Before committing fully you are backed by the very generous 100- night trial which gives ample opportunity to test the mattress for comfort and suitability. Then protected by the extended 10-year guarantee. But in addition, you can be assured that you are investing in a well designed and constructed product that is crafted from top quality materials.

The research and innovation efforts that have gone into creating the Brook+Wilde line of mattresses are clearly apparent. Wave technology, breathable airflow, and temperature regulating top layers are combined to bring you the best possible nights sleep and with a firmness level of your choice.

The company has invested large amounts into sleep research and mattress design, which combined with innovative technology and top-class materials, has created a product that’s hard to beat.


  • Solid quality construction
  • Wave technology for added support
  • Easy to move
  • Free home delivery
  • 100-night trial
  • 10-year guarantee


  • Expensive 
  • Different bedding may be required for deeper mattress
  • Chemical smell for the first couple of days

About Brook+Wilde

Brook+ Wilde is included in the lists of Great British Brands, a directory that lists the finest products the UK has to offer. The directory includes other luxury product companies like Aston Martin, Harrods, and Rolls Royce.  Brook + Wilde is described as ‘having a very British sensibility with a belief that customers will trust the long-lasting quality of a British made product’.

If all this was not enough, Brook + Wilde are also doing their part for the environment with a commitment to sustainability that is a part of their business ethos. They partner with non-profit organisations to support women in Rwanda, provide clean water in Brazil, and protect biodiversity in Indonesia, along with many other charitable projects. 

For every mattress sold, Brook+Wilde plant a tree as their contribution to reforesting the planet. 


While the ‘bed in a box’ revolution has taken over, Brook+Wilde has still managed to bring something extra. The premium mattress company has used technology and innovative techniques to design a mattress that is long-lasting and premium quality. Their products have won a host of awards from places like Good Housekeeping and Best Luxury Mattress Guides. 

Even with their limited range of just 3 mattresses, there is enough variety to accommodate any size bed, sleeping style, and mattress firmness. For a British made product backed by a solid guarantee, Brook+ Wilde mattresses are some of the best on offer.